Demand Gratitude?

Demand Gratitude?

What would go through your mind if you received a phone call that your
husband had been in a car accident? If, after vague answers to your
pointed questions, the voice changed: your daughter was talking to you,
confirming his death?

Honey was reliving that moment. “I was driving to the scene and I started
to pray, ‘Lord, give me something to be thankful for in this situation.’ I
couldn’t think what it would be and then God gave it to me. I was thankful
that he was taken instantly. Absent in the body, present with the Lord.” She
looked directly at me and with a rueful smile said, “He was so active. He
would not have made a good patient.”

God loves bold prayers. He is the source of all grace. Like repentance, a
thankful heart is a gift. We must receive it, but it is given. So He is the One we

If you are struggling in your spirit, tell Him. Ask Him. Charge Him.

Help me, Lord!

I need You.

Make me thankful!

Change my heart.

Show me what I need to see.

Give me grace.

Walk with me.

Give me something to be thankful for in this situation.

Carol Bakker loves lingering table conversations, harvesting produce from the garden her husband watered, reading in bed, popping bubble wrap, playing with words and singing with her hairbrush.  She writes about books, culture, beauty, weddings, grief, travel and music at