Hello!  Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere.

Recently, I read an article that said it’s important for folks to know something about the person whose posts they’re reading.  And while I prefer a fair degree of anonymity, I agreed with the article.  So here is my attempt at being less anonymous.  I want you to feel at home.

My name is Jennifer Hoos. My husband and I have recently left our local Baptist church and are becoming acquainted with Anglican and Presbyterian worship. I have a B.A. In history, minor in management and another minor in Bible, granted by the small Christian college I attended in Southern California many moons ago.  Even though I am in my 50’s, if I could do anything I wanted to right now, I would design my own master’s program on C. S. Lewis.

My personal  “church” history is somewhat jumbled.  Growing up, our little family attended nondenominational churches for the most part.  As a newly married adult, I attended an Evangelical Free Church, a Baptist Church and a Community Church.  As our children grew, we attended Baptist and OPC (Presbyterian) churches.  I like to say I am a reforming evangelical.  In my heart of hearts, I really think I am an Anglican.

Loving God and loving my neighbor are most important to me.  When it comes to accountability for what I post here, I would have to say that I am, first and foremost, accountable to the Lord and what He has revealed clearly in His Word.  I have a secondary accountability to my husband and then, of course, to you.

I suppose one could say that when it comes to topics, I’m all over the board.  Every topic covered will be an attempt on my part to apply God’s holy, unchangeable, inerrant Word to all of life.  If at all possible, I will use examples from history, both good and bad, to illustrate my points.  And I will purpose to contend with grace on subjects that are controversial.  (Note:  this isn’t always possible given the stridency of various voices on specific subjects, but I will always TRY to contend with grace….that is my commitment to you.)

Welcome to my little corner of the world.  Pull up a chair.  Pour yourself a cup of tea.  Let’s get to know one another.



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  1. Sue Weyland
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    Hi, Your Blog Broken Bride is excellent and professional. We had a meeting with Josh today. He asked to meet us as he was concerned that Drew was on oxygen. He shared about Dr. James -one I mentioned on Facebook message. I wanted to tell Josh about The Common Prayer book but was unsure of its exact Title- Please send me the URL for it again. Josh was sharing his interest in similar subjects that reminded me of what you were saying at our lunch. We may not go tonight – After talking to Josh I spent all afternoon studying and now need to some practical work.

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